Dubai Property Transactions - Sales Value & Volume 2023

Whether you are a property buyer or an investor, you need to know the price and sales volume changes associated with properties across different areas of Dubai.

The report below depicts sales volume and price trends across various Dubai areas in 2023.

Sell, Purchase and Invest in Dubai’s properties with real data, real knowledge.

Dubai property transactions summary - 2023
Al Buteen 30M1
Al Goze Industrial First 4M1
Al Layan1 631M1
Al Qusais Industrial First 693M1
Al Qusais Industrial Third 55M1
Al Rowaiyah First 7M1
Al Sabkha 1M1
Al Ttay 27M1
Dubai International Airport 7M1
Grayteesah 15M1
Lehbab First 1M1
Mugatrah 3,869M1
Nazwah 1M1
Ras Al Khor Industrial Third 20M1
Um Esalay 17M1