Population in Dubai

Dubai is the world’s favorite destination to visit and one of the best cities to live in. Naturally, its population has grown at rapid rates over the years and this is only set to go higher in the coming years.

This report shows the movement of Dubai’s population from 2011 till current year and how it has influenced the Emirate’s property market.

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Dubai population over years
Dubai population change
2011Burj Khalifa0%422
2012Burj Khalifa1229.38%5610
2013Burj Khalifa-44.46%3116
2014Burj Khalifa103.31%6335
2015Burj Khalifa54.57%9792
2016Burj Khalifa8.88%10662
2017Burj Khalifa23.81%13201
2018Burj Khalifa41.64%18698
2019Burj Khalifa9.51%20477
2020Burj Khalifa1.55%20795