The Al Habtoor Tower Achieves Remarkable Safety Milestone



    The Al Habtoor Tower, has reached a significant safety milestone, clocking a record two million working hours with zero Occupational Safety and Health recordable injuries. This remarkable achievement, accomplished by the Al Habtoor Group in collaboration with the China Railway 18th Bureau Group, underscores a steadfast commitment to safety and excellence in project execution.

    The successful safety record achieved over the past ten months is being celebrated not only locally but also globally as a notable feat in the construction industry. Chairman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor praised the Chinese group for their contribution, highlighting the achievement of two million accident-free man-hours as a testament to the robust safety culture fostered by both organizations.

    The Al Habtoor Tower project, recognized as one of the most significant construction endeavors in the region, is setting a new standard for safe construction practices. It reflects the Al Habtoor Group's dedication to prioritizing safety, health, and well-being while delivering projects of the highest international standards.

    Chairman Al Habtoor expressed gratitude to every team member involved in this achievement, emphasizing the commitment of their partners at China Railway 18th Bureau Group to prioritize safety in every aspect of the project. He described the accomplishment as a testament to world-class dedication and collaboration, affirming the group's unwavering mission to maintain safety as a top priority in all endeavors.

    The Al Habtoor Tower project stands as a symbol of excellence and safety in construction, showcasing the successful partnership between the Al Habtoor Group and its esteemed collaborators. As construction progresses, the project continues to inspire confidence in its commitment to safety and quality, setting a benchmark for future endeavors in the industry.