Going Green: UAE Launches Blue Residency Visa for Global Environmental Contributors


  • The United Arab Emirates offers a decade-long residency visa to champions of environmental protection. 

    The Blue Residency visa program will be granted to individuals who have made significant contributions to protecting the environment both within the UAE and internationally.

    This visa program targets a broad range of environmental advocates, including members of international environmental organizations, companies, and NGOs, recipients of prestigious environmental awards, and distinguished researchers and activists dedicated to environmental causes. 

    Eligible individuals can apply directly through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security. Additionally, relevant entities can nominate deserving candidates for the long-term residency program.

    This initiative aligns with the UAE's designation of 2024 as the year of sustainability. It builds upon last year's focus on green initiatives, where the country encouraged residents to embrace sustainable practices.

    Following the introduction of the 10-year Golden Visa program in 2019, targeting investors, entrepreneurs, and specialists, the Blue Residency program represents a significant shift from the UAE's typical two-year residency visas. A recent addition to UAE's visa programs is the five-year Green Visa, which caters to skilled professionals and business owners.