A Pioneering Initiative: Dubai Launches Quality of Life Strategy 2033


  • Led by Dubai's Crown Prince, Dubai takes aim at solidifying its status as the best city to live in by launching 200 projects under the 'Quality of Life Strategy 2033' 

    The Dubai Quality of Life Strategy 2033 outlines a vision for a city that is environmentally sustainable, well-connected and embodies the "20-minute city" concept. It aims to improve residents' well-being, enhance the city's aesthetics and environmental significance, and remain aligned with Dubai's commitment to sustainability.

    "We have today approved the Dubai Quality of Life Strategy 2033 as part of our efforts to raise our global standing in the economy as well as in the areas of innovation and well-being. The vibrancy and cultural diversity of our society are key to our development journey.” said Sheikh Hamdan.

    This plan is focused on seven key demographic categories which include women, seniors, nationals, people of determination, children, youth, and white-collar workers. Here are some of the project's key highlights: 

    The 20-Minute City

    Aiming to give residents access to essential needs - groceries, healthcare, schools - within a 20-minute walk, bike ride, or other sustainable commute. This innovative concept forms the core of the strategy, making Dubai a more convenient and pedestrian-friendly city.

    A Greener Space

    Prioritizing environmental sustainability with a focus on expanding green spaces. Key targets of the Quality of Life Strategy include 200 new parks, a 300 % increase in public services provision by 2025, 100% accessibility for people of determination and senior citizens, and a 300% expansion of cycling tracks on beaches. 

    Multi-Faceted Approach

    Improved connections and upgraded infrastructures are also one of the many targets of this strategy. One of which is boosting connectivity between parks, mosques, shops, and other community hubs. In addition, upgrading multiple beaches by creating dedicated women's beaches in the areas of Jebel Ali, Jebel Ali Caravans Camp, Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim, and Al Mamzar is also included in the plan. Aligned with Dubai's 2040 vision of significantly enhancing public beach access for a more inclusive beachfront experience.

    This ambitious plan goes beyond just creating a comfortable living environment. By prioritizing sustainability and community, Dubai is making a strong statement about its future as a global leader in urban living.

    Indeed, the Quality of Life Strategy's forward-thinking plan prioritizes sustainability and fostering a strong community, solidifying Dubai's position as a frontrunner in shaping the future of urban living on a global scale.