Property market performance
(year to date)2023 vs. 2022.

DXB Interact FAQ

  • How did the Dubai property market perform in Q1?

    Stay up to date, and make informed decisions with our real-time property market analysis:

    Q1 Dubai Property Market Report


  • What is DXB Interact? is a helpful real estate tool used by both buyers and sellers in Dubai, as well as real estate professionals.

    The homepage features a search bar where users can enter specific criteria, such as property type, location, and price range, to find property transaction values, which helps investors to make more informed decisions. 

    DXB Interact is powered by the Dubai Land Department, with the goal of creating full transparency in the Dubai real estate market. 

    Overall, DXB Interact is a comprehensive platform for anyone interested in buying, selling, or renting real estate in Dubai.


  • What is the purpose of DXB Interact?

    The main purpose of DXB Interact is to bring full transparency to the Dubai property market, and help real estate agents to assist investors with real-time property market information, straight from the Dubai Land Department.

  • How much should I rent my property for?

    Use DXB Interact to determine the rental value of your property, by clicking "rental" on the main page, and filling in the location of your property. Then use the filters at the top of the area's page to see exact values of comparable rental transactions. 

  • How can I know the actual value of my property in Dubai?

    Search DXB Interact by area, property type or unit number to see the latest transaction values. This will give you the actual value of the property of interest.