Like other assets, real estate also depends on the law of supply and demand. When the demand for property is high, but the property is scarce, prices go up, and it becomes a seller's market. When the number of available properties increases to glut the market, prices typically drop, and it becomes a buyer's market.

Supply and demand in real estate are not easy to balance. If the demand goes up suddenly, an example is the Arab Spring, that resulted in moving more investors to Turkey and GCC; then, there is no way to meet that instantly; hence, property prices skyrocket. Understanding this basic economic principle can help consumers decide the best time to buy or sell their properties. The property supply should be studied based on the available stock in each area and the lifestyles offered by that supply.

On this page, you can view all freehold registered projects in the Dubai Land Department, which compose the majority of the real estate market in Dubai.

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All units and projects to be delivered.
Properties delivery rate in 2022.
This chart considers ONLY units due to handover in 2022 vs. the planned AND completed units in 2022 . It does not consider overdue units in previous years even if they complete this year.

Number of yearly delivered units.
This chart shows number of units based on the actual completion date
Number of yearly launched properties.
Click on any bar to view the breakdown
Future planned property supply (Starting from 1st of Jan 2022)
These numbers do not include any overdue projects with handover date prior to 2022
Property construction progress
This chart considers properties that are under construction
Latest delivered projects in 2022
AreaProjectDeveloperHandover DateTotal Unit
Al Yufrah 2Avencia @ Akoya OxygenFront Line Investment Managment L L C28-APR-2022190
Al JadafBinghatti AvenueBinghatti Developers Fze26-APR-2022640
Al Yufrah 3Centaury @ Akoya OxygenFront Line Investment Managment L L C19-APR-2022413
Dubai SouthParksideEmaar Dubai South Dwc Llc18-APR-2022372
Jumeirah Village Circle (Jvc)The Haven ResidencesMetrical Real Estate Development L.L.C12-APR-2022161
Dubai SouthMajestique Residence 1Credo Investments F Z E12-APR-2022124
Business BayVera TowerDamac World Real Estate Llc31-MAR-2022526
Al Barshaa South ThirdQ Gardens Boutique ResidencesA Y S Property Development30-MAR-2022153
Jumeirah Village Circle (Jvc)Binghatti MirageBinghatti Developers Fze30-MAR-2022160
Jabal Ali FirstThe NookJag Development L.L.C29-MAR-2022604
Future property supply in Dubai per area