Dubai Real Estate Market Supply

Discover data-driven exploration of Dubais property supply. In this city of numbers and opportunity, we present you with the key figures that define the real estate market. Get ready to dive into the delivery rates, yearly units delivered, and the number of properties launched. Whether you are a numbers-savvy investor or a curious observer, we equip you with the statistics to understand Dubais thriving real estate landscape. Join us as we break down the projects delivered, total units, and the numerical heartbeat of the Dubai real estate markets growth.

Projects and properties under construction.
Properties delivery rate in 2024.
This chart considers ONLY units due to handover in 2024 vs. the planned AND completed units in 2024 . It does not consider overdue units in previous years even if they complete this year.

Number of yearly delivered units.
This chart shows number of units based on the actual completion date
Number of yearly launched properties.
Click on any bar to view the breakdown       The property count of some projects have not been announced yet.
Future planned property supply (Starting from 1st of Jan 2024)
These numbers do not include any overdue projects with handover date prior to 2024
Property construction progress
This chart considers properties that are under construction
Latest delivered projects in 2024
AreaProjectDeveloperCompletion DateTotal UnitBeds Analysis
ArjanMarquis Signature2020 Holdings21-APR-202491
Nadd HessaTOPAZ RESIDENCES 2Ggico21-APR-2024200
ArjanPrime GardensPrescott Developers19-APR-2024139
Al Hebiah SecondCELIA RESIDENCEAbou Eid Real Estate 17-APR-2024111
Wadi Al Safa 5La Rosa 6 Meraas04-APR-2024272
Sports CityPROFILE RESIDENCEProfile Residence Ltd01-APR-2024138
Al WaslCanal Front Residences-CF3&CF4Meydan Group18-MAR-2024104
Dubai SouthGreenviewEmaar 16-MAR-2024287
Wadi Al Safa 3CHORISIA 2 VILLASAbwab Real Estate08-MAR-202458
Meydan (Nad Al Shiba First)Azizi GreenfieldAzizi Developments08-MAR-202498
Future property supply in Dubai per area