Hidden Gems: DXB Interact User's Guide


  • DXB Interact is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of Dubai's real estate market. While the platform offers a wealth of readily available information, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered by savvy users. This guide will equip you to unearth these gems and maximize your DXB Interact experience.

    Beyond the Basics: Dig Deeper

    Sure, you can see the basics like area and price, but delve deeper! Property Specs provide a detailed breakdown of features like balcony size, number of bathrooms, and amenities. This allows you to identify hidden gems with unique layouts or unexpected features that might not be readily apparent in the initial search results.

    Additionally, by clicking the "Details" button under Transactions, you can gain even more insights about the value of transactions done on this property, including historical sale prices and rental trends. 

    This empowers you to assess the property's investment potential and identify hidden gems that might be undervalued compared to similar properties in the area.

    Search by Unit Series

    A View-tiful Advantage: This hidden gem addresses a common challenge: ensuring you're comparing apples to apples when looking at similar units within a building. Traditional search filters might not capture variations in value based solely on view. "Search by Unit Series" empowers you to find all available units within a specific series (e.g., "02" apartments) that share the same layout and size.


    This is particularly useful when you've identified a building or complex you're interested in and you want to compare different units within that series that offer the same view. By analyzing the asking rents or sale prices of these units within the series, you can gain valuable insights and identify hidden gems – apartments with a potentially better view, at a comparable price point to other units in the same series that might have a less desirable view.

    Investment Map

    A Deep Dive into Project Details: Unleash the power of location intelligence and project specifics with the Investment Map


    This interactive tool transforms Dubai into a treasure trove of potential. Visualize all projects across the city on a map, color-coded to represent current price/sq. ft trends. Each project is your oyster – click on one to unlock a wealth of details.


    Dive into the project CHESSBOARD display, revealing unit occupancy rates and availability in real-time. Compare selling and renting prices across different units within the project, allowing you to identify hidden gems – potentially undervalued units, or those offering exceptional rental yields.

    Your Personalized Watchlist

    Click “Follow”: Take advantage of hidden gems that appear on the market! Utilize the "Follow Button" function. Set specific criteria for your interesting area or project and receive instant notifications and updates on your follow list. This ensures you stay ahead of the curve and capture hidden gems before others do.

    Ready-made Gems: Data at Your Fingertips

    Interactive Charts & Graphs: Unlock the power of visual storytelling. DXB Interact provides pre-built interactive charts and graphs. Analyze trends in price fluctuations, rental yields, or property types across various locations. This visual representation empowers your negotiations either as an investor or real estate professional.

    Grab your DXB Interact reports and set your kit for your next meeting!


    Market Trend Analysis

    A Look into the Future: Don't just focus on the present. The platform offers pre-built market trend analysis tools. Analyze historical data to identify areas with consistent growth or rental yield increases. These hidden gems offer excellent long-term investment potential. Check the monthly/ quarterly reports. Happy Treasure Hunting!

    Remember: DXB Interact empowers you to become a real estate data detective. By using the platform's advanced features, alongside its pre-built data visualizations and market trend analysis tools, you can unearth hidden gems with exceptional potential in Dubai's dynamic market.